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I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I hope you enjoy! I was at The Calling's Manchester (UK) gig on the 12th July where Zed were the support, and these are the pics to prove it! I've been a fan for a grand total of 2 days, but I'm proud to say I was there!

I have the, like, FIFTY pics that were the best ones, behind the cut. Dial-up users beware! Bear in mind that my camera doesn't like stage lighting or smoke machines, apparently - and that there were like 110 photos to start with, so these are the ones that weren't entirely bad and blurry. Also, the vast majority of these are of Alex Band (The Calling's singer), so I hope that's not breaking any rules! Wish I could have got more of Zed!!!

Enjoy, anyway. Love, Kathryn x

Katy Rose (support band 1)

Zed (support band 2)

The Calling

Me and Nathan from Zed <3

My signed poster and ticket!

All photos copyright: Kathryn/jigglyfrog, 12 July 2004.
No stealing or hotlinking without permission!! Thanks!!
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